Content + Environmental Design

At Metaphysic, we understand the importance of harmonious design as a tool to reinforce the ultimate goals of an exhibit. Integrating thoughtful content and design is an important part of what we do, and we draw heavily on our experiences as exhibit designers and graphic artists to accomplish that goal.

As an interactive agency, part of our expertise lies in realizing interactives starts with consideration of the space itself. We love every part of the exhibits we work on and aren’t afraid to suggest and propose solutions requiring content development or spatial and graphic design.

Everything decays. Things Fall Apart takes a more personal look at why and how objects age. This decay is also meaningful on a personal level: the glue we use to repair a precious plate may cause more damage over time. Working with Philadelphia-based firm Alusiv, members of our team helped design this exhibition for the Science History Museum, formerly the Chemical Heritage Foundation.

A cross between journalism and museum engagement design, Inside Confucius is an exploration of the Confucius Institute, China’s international educational program that sends educators to partner universities around the world, where they teach Chinese language and culture.

Panels are layered with AR technology so static charts can be updated with the latest information.

The mobile nature of the exhibition means it can easily be installed anywhere. After the core panels were developed, universities that wished to tell their Confucius Institute stories could commission a custom panel and display it with the others in their institutions.

Development of engaging experiences on- and off-screen — and sometimes somewhere in between.


Augmented Reality