Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


As part of an initiative to make their waiting rooms more active, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia desired to install accessible games that encouraged physical play and learning while waiting. Partnering with Interactive Mechanics of Philadelphia, members of our team developed four multiplayer games using the Microsoft Kinect as an innovative and novel interface.

Kids color seven pages of a coloring book using their hands as paint bucket tools.

Kids guide air balloons on and collect power-ups from sandbags.

Kids stand and play dress-up with their friends, picking and choosing from career-themed ensembles.

Like Picasso’s “light-drawings,” kids draw with an effect similar to painting with lights in a long-exposure photograph.

We built four interactive children's games for the waiting rooms of the Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care.


Microsoft Kinect, Kinect SDK


Win JS, html, css